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Community description:Different creative prompt every day; meant for writers, but also open to other creative types.
This is a community for anyone who wants fresh prompts and ideas without having their friends list flooded with other people's writing.

However, that isn't to say I don't want people to participate! Everyone is welcome to post their writing and stories, including praise and critiques of others' writing. Just do it in the comments to the prompt posts.

The prompts will be in different formats from day to day, ranging from a single word to sentences to sketches to a specific scenario to quotes to poems to photos to if today's prompt doesn't do it for you, try the day before, or the day before that. Occasionally I will be away from the Internet, and in that case I will post make up prompts either before or after my absence.

From time to time I may post discussion posts in addition to the prompts, but these will be few and far between. The main goal of this community is to give everyone something to write about, to be the flint when your own mental matchbook has run out of matches (I know, that metaphor was stretching it just a bit). If you have any ideas you'd like to share for future prompts, please comment here.

EVERYONE is welcome to this community, provided you treat everyone else with respect. Harshing the mellow will get you kicked out. I also ask that we keep it PG-13. Please, don't post adult content within the community itself(though obviously if the prompt gives you a great adult content idea, by all means write it and post it to your own journal).

Some good writing-oriented communities and websites:

NaNoWriMo : Write a novel in a month!
ScriptFrenzy: Write a script in a month!

If you're a community mod and you'd like to affliate with Prompt Du Jour, just leave a comment in the most recent post. Because the focus of this community is providing writing prompts without extraneous community clutter, we don't post ads for other communities, but we are happy to add you to our list of affiliates/community recommendations above. :)

Also, many of the photos posted as prompts are pictures I've collected from the internet over the past few years that I found inspiring or worth keeping for one reason or another, and needless to say I've mostly lost track of who created what. If I have posted something of yours, let me know so I can properly credit you!
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